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Getting Started

Sign in, make an API token... and then what?

Quick start

This page summarizes the steps you'll need to take to get started with the API for the first
time. As a starting point, you'll of course need to ensure that you have a account (i.e. you can sign into

From there:

To confirm that your token is working, go ahead and make a test call:

In response, you should see your user information.

Once you're set to start working, these guides are the most common starting point for the majority of integration use cases:

Other resources and tools Official SDKs

  • Python SDK: offers an SDK in Python to make getting started with our API easier, including abstraction of key concepts like pagination and rate limiting. This project is available on PyPI, so pip install and off you go!
  • Python CLI: If you'd prefer to work from the command line FIOCTL is also available on PyPI.

Join the Developer Community

If you're not sure about building right away, you can check out our Developer Forum on Our community is full of developers, tinkerers, and creative professionals who have built, or are building awesome integrations using's API combined with a variety of other workflow tools.


If you want to get started with our REST API, just click this button to bring our API into Postman!
Run in PostmanRun in Postman

Glitch and Zapier

Glitch is an online tool that allows you to collaboratively create and run apps without having to set up your own server. If you've never worked with Glitch before, you can learn more here: Get Started with Glitch.

Zapier is a great workflow tool for connecting with over 2,000 other systems, with no code required. While it's naturally more limited than writing integrations from scratch, it's a great way to start exploring the potential of working with's platform tools.

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Getting Started

Sign in, make an API token... and then what?

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